One of the causes of environmental pollution is cause of the lack of people’s awareness. It is perform through the actions of conveniently throwing trash on roadsides and rivers. To protect the living environment, the most important thing we need to do is improve our thinking, increase self-awareness and responsibility. Please join hands with Alta Plastic to implement the 6 habits below!

Necessary habits help protect the environment

Habit 1: Sort and put trash in the right place


Most people will think all types of trash are the same but in reality they are not. If we know how to classify waste according to each purpose, waste will be recycled, saved and contribute to reducing odor treatment costs, landfill area and more. It can be said that waste classification not only benefits environmental protection but also saves natural resources

Above all, it is to reduce waste sources into the environment. If each individual is always conscious of classifying waste and putting it in the right place, it will have a great impact on the community, contributing to protecting a greener, cleaner environment.

Habit 2: Use energy effectively


When not in use, or when going out, you should unplug it to avoid fire and explosion and save electricity. Because plugging the plug into the socket will consume power. Electricity is the cause of air pollution, global warming, etc.

Using energy sources efficiently is also a way to protect the environment

In addition, you should use a sufficient amount of water for daily use, repair and replace leaky faucets, and turn off the water when not needed to limit the amount of water flowing. Using a water basin to wash dishes will help reduce water consumption, using a showerhead will save more water than a bathtub, etc. These actions will help reduce energy consumption and not only help keep clean environment but also brings benefits to you personally.

Habit 3: Create a “green” living environment


The ecosystem needs to have good interaction with trees, creatures and animals in a clean environment. These 3 elements help keep the entire ecosystem healthy and viable for many years together. But with excessive air pollution and global warming the entire ecosystem is being negatively affected.

We can absolutely join hands to protect the entire planet to make the ecosystem healthier. One of them is simply growing a few potted plants indoors to help the air become cooler.

Habit 4: Avoid using single-use plastic


Single-use plastic is a clear example of a leading cause of water and environmental pollution worldwide. But instead of investing in quality goods, durability and long-term impact, we care more about convenience.

Limit the use of single-use plastics

Bring your own bags or biodegradable bag products every time you go shopping in stores or supermarkets. This job is both safe for you and your family’s health, while also protecting the environment, but the price is extremely reasonable.

Habit 5: Reduce harmful emissions


Emissions from the factory are also a matter of concern. It exists in the form of gas and dust when burning fuel (usually used in production and processing activities). It is necessary to be equipped with a ventilation and filtration system before being discharged into the environment, and regularly checking emissions after treatment, etc.

Avoid using vehicles that run on gasoline because their emissions are very toxic and greatly affect the environment. Instead, you can take public transportation to reduce traffic. Or if where you’re going is not too far, you can walk or bike. That not only limits air pollution to the environment but also contributes to improving your health.

Habit 6: Raise awareness about environmental pollution


Environmental awareness can be completely established by organizing many green activities, making recycling plans, buying reusable items, turning off electrical appliances through which it is fed. reach more people.

Disseminate environmental knowledge to everyone

These days, almost anything can be done, searched on laptops or via mobile devices. So, take advantage of it to provide yourself and your loved ones with environmental knowledge. At the same time, schools and businesses should disseminate and take measures to join hands to preserve a green earth.

Alta Plastic will protect the environment with you

In addition to the 6 simple actions mentioned above, Alta Plastic would also like to introduce to you a product “Bioplastic bag” – one of the companions and indispensable friends in every family. Alta Plastics’ biodegradable bags are a product line made from LDPE and HDPE materials with transparency, smooth surface, resistance to wet environments, flexibility, and diversity in designs and sizes. It helps you store a variety of products with large weights and decompose them in the natural environment.

There are many ways to keep our beloved environment clean and fresh. This article is just one of the simple but effective ways to both protect the environment and be safe for your health. Not only that, it also saves money, resources, etc. Protecting the environment is not the sole responsibility of an individual but requires the joint action of everyone to have a healthy and protected living space. resources for future generations. Because of that, we at Alta Plastics will be happy to be your companion in bringing you friendly and safe products to join hands in protecting the environment!

T.B.Hưng – Đ.T.Cường