Biodegradable Food Bags

  • The biodegradable food bag is designed to prevent air penetration in the long run, helping to preserve fresh and delicious food for longer.
  • Rated for health safety and more environmentally friendly than traditional bags.
Product Information
  • Product Type: Biodegradable Food Bag.
  • Size: 20 * 30 cm, 25 * 35 cm, 30 * 40 cm.
  • Material: HDPE plastic.
  • Ingredients: HDPE, decomposition additive.
  • Heat resistance: -40 degrees C ~ 120 degrees C.
  • Advantages: Biodegradable bag, non-toxic, safe for health.
  • Uses: Food bags after fastening are able to retain heat and prevent air penetration, help protect fresh food for longer.
  • Usage: Tear the bag in a serrated shape, put the food in the bag, tie it tightly and put in the refrigerator.
  • Note: Avoid direct contact with fire.
  • Made in Vietnam.
Product Description

Food bags become familiar to families because of the convenience of storing and preserving food. With Alta Plastic’s food bags, food is properly preserved and nutritious, helping you to take care of your family’s health better.

The bag is constructed to retain heat and prevent dehydration of the food in the refrigerator. Transparent plastic material, soft and tough, does not contain harmful additives affecting health. The product is manufactured into compact, lightweight rolls, convenient to store and carry food away.

Under the right catalytic conditions, the bags can decompose on their own and are no longer a concern for environmental concern.

Products tested and certified for safety by the Food Safety Management Board Ho Chi Minh City.