Zipper Bags

  • Quality bag, tough, flexible.
  • The zip edge is firm, does not detach.
  • Size variety.
  • Suitable for food, small components, medicine …
Product information
  • Item Type: Zipper bag with a red border
  • Material: LDPE, decomposition additive.
  • Size according to customer requirements.
  • Advantages: Biodegradable bag, non-toxic, safe for health.
  • Note: Avoid direct contact with fire.
  • Made in Vietnam.
Product description
Zip bags are a common type of bag for storing and displaying products: powders, nuts, jams, candies, tea, dry foods, frozen storage …
Airtight, safe, conveniently packaged with a push button, keep food fresh and crisp, protect the product inside from harmful agents such as dust, steam, bacteria, and preserves flavors.