Faced with the dangers of plastic waste, we have many choices: paper bags, cloth bags, sedge bags, … the containment has many limitations. Furthermore, to produce paper bags, we have to trade trees for trees, which means damage to the environment.

Alta Plastics Biodegradable bags are made of transparent LDPE and HDPE materials, smooth surface, waterproof, high durability, variety of designs, sizes to help hold a wide variety of products with large weight. With the addition of a biodegradable additive, under the right catalytic conditions, the bag is biodegradable and is no longer a concern of environmental pollution. Alta Plastics biodegradable bags look similar to other traditional plastic bags. However, for customers to differentiate, there will be the words “Biodegradable” on products.

Die-cut bag

Sandwich bag

T-shirt bag

Take-away bag

Food bag

Zipper bag

Garbage bag

Handle-tie garbage bag

Drawstring garbage bag

Scented garbage bags

Back-sealing bag

Calendar bag

Medicine bag

Clothing bag

Side-sealing bag

Grow bag

Alta Plastics design, print color test according to the requirements of each customer.


Usually, the biodegradable bag has a decomposition time from 24-36 months depending on environmental conditions, microbial humidity.

Ideal conditions: at room temperature, no moisture, avoid chemical agents …
The best storage period is 18-24 months.