Scented garbage bags

  • Fits most trash bin
  • Suitable for households, restaurants, hotels, offices, factories, factories …
  • Sturdy design, tough, leak-proof and odor-tight.
  • The mild scent helps eliminate the odors of garbage.
  • Biodegradable, environmentally friendly.
Product Information
  • Product type: Biodegradable Scented garbage bags.
  • Color: multiple colors (blue, yellow, red, black).
    Material: HDPE plastic, decomposition additive.
  • Garbage bags have 3 sizes
    + Primary size: 45 x 55 cm
    + Medium size: 55 x 65 cm
    + Large size: 64 x 78 cm
  • Packing: 1 roll / box or 3 rolls / lot.
  • Uses: Preventing odors, mosquitoes and mosquitoes, ensuring hygiene and convenience in mosquito collection.
  • Advantages: Biodegradable bag, non-toxic, safe for health.
  • Usage: Tear bag in a serrated shape.
  • Note: Avoid direct contact with fire.
  • Made in Vietnam.
Product Description

The environmentally friendly Alta Plastics scented garbage bag is a convenient product for every home, making your home clean and tidy.
Products made from plastic materials are safe, soft, smooth, have good toughness and elasticity to help contain more. The product is biodegradable, so it is safe for the environment and for users.

The design between ribbed bags is easy to tear into a separate bag to use, the bottom of the bag is solid, anti-water leak, and odor-tight. Suitable for many types of trash and suitable for use in offices, households, restaurants … Especially, with a gentle fragrance that prevents flies, mosquitoes, insects, making the space cleaner and airier.

Under the right catalytic conditions, the bags can decompose on their own and are no longer a concern for environmental concern.

Recommend using:
  • Sort organic and inorganic waste by bag
  • Keep out of reach of children as the bag can cause choking.
  • Keep away from high temperature and corrosive chemicals.