Although there are still many difficulties in spreading awareness against plastic waste to the entire community, the campaign to gradually reduce and move towards using biodegradable plastic packaging products has created clear changes in the community. perceptions and actions of many people.


From consumer perception

According to information from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam is facing increasing pollution due to hazardous waste, especially plastic waste. It is estimated that each year, more than 1.8 million tons of plastic waste is generated in Vietnam, but only 27% of it is recycled.

Notably, the country’s amount of plastic waste and nylon bags accounts for about 8 – 12% of household solid waste, which is a burden on the environment, even leading to the “white pollution” disaster. Meanwhile, in large cities in Vietnam, the waste separation rate at source is very low, and plastic recycling technology is outdated, low efficiency, high cost, and causes environmental pollution.

Obviously, the harmful effects of plastic and nylon bags on the environment and human health are huge. They believe that their behavior is not directly related to environmental pollution. Consumers are encouraged to use paper bags or biodegradable bags instead of plastic bags, and will often return to using plastic bags because of their durability, strength, convenience, low price, and inherent habits. Best of all, it is everywhere and extremely easy to buy.


To our actions

The essential and core factor to reduce the plastic waste problem belongs to consumers themselves, expressed through their behavior and lifestyle. A single consumer’s behavior may be small, but millions of small behaviors of all people in the country have a huge impact on the environment.

A good living environment with little impact on natural resources is formed based on the small consumption behaviors of all consumers. Cannot be replaced, but we can change it. Environmental organizations as well as the Government are calling on people to limit the use of plastic products and nylon bags.

Trend of using bioplastics packaging

In recent years, awareness of people, communities and businesses has been raised. First of all, start with minimizing the consumption of plastic products and plastic bags that are difficult to decompose, especially disposable plastic products. They can be used to replace them with other types of environmentally friendly bags such as paper bags, reusable cloth bags, biodegradable plastic bags, reusable nylon woven bags… Calling on people to throw away waste in the right place, proactively classify waste right from the source; and Launch a movement to call on people to join hands in cleaning up trash.

Alta Plastics (member of Alta Group) is a leading unit in the field of research and production of environmentally friendly products in Vietnam. Since 2005, Alta Plastics has researched and produced biodegradable plastic packaging products with the desire to bring environmentally friendly products, contributing to protecting the living environment and protecting the earth.

Alta Plastics products have 2 types: inorganic compostable packaging and organic compostable packaging , with a short decomposition time of only 18 months to 2 years in a normal landfill environment or industrial composting. Completely environmentally friendly.

Alta Plastics’ products are currently very diverse and rich from T-shirt bags, shopping bags, food bags, and take-away bags to flat-mouth trash bags, with handles, scented, drawstring… to meet the needs of customers. meets most of the customer’s needs.

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