Since 2005, Alta Plastics has not produced virgin plastic packaging products, instead, developing plastic packaging of organic origin, capable of biodegrading in a short time, while ensuring durability. Both sustainable and high performance, that is our commitment to greening production.

1. Biodegradable ingredients

Alta Plastics’ biodegradable packaging products have 2 types:

-Inorganic compostable packaging:

Mixed in proportion between plastic resin raw materials and additives imported from the US called D2W. Depending on the concentration and properties of the membranes, mix them in certain proportions.

-Organic compostable packaging:

Completely organic source of ingredients, such as cornstarch.

2. Save fossil raw materials

Unlike traditional plastic production, biodegradable packaging is replaced with renewable materials, thereby helping to save the gradually depleting petroleum resources.

3. Safe for health

The bag is made from materials and colors that are safe for human health. In addition, to process biodegradable bags, there is no need to burn them, just bury them, so they do not create toxic gases that cause cancer.

4. Environmentally friendly

These plastic bags and bags decompose in normal landfill environments or industrial composting, causing no harm to the environment.

5. Quick decomposition time

These types of bags have a very short decomposition time, only a few months to a few years. Much shorter than the 100 – 500 years of traditional plastic bags.

6. Reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions

When conventional plastic waste is processed in landfills, it creates greenhouse gas emissions when burned. Biochemical plastic products are buried and decomposed under the influence of microorganisms to help reduce emissions.

7. Tough, waterproof and many styles

Like regular plastic bags, biodegradable bags still ensure toughness and waterproofness. Alta Plastics provides many lines of biological bags such as T-shirt bags, die-cut bags, food bags, take-away bags flat-mouth garbage bags, handles, scented bags, and drawstrings… to meet most needs. all customer needs.

ALTA Plastics biodegradable plastic packaging

Alta Plastics is the first unit in Vietnam to achieve certification for environmentally friendly plastic bags issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Our product line is currently trusted by many businesses and is present in many large supermarket systems nationwide: BigC, Lotte, Bách Hóa Xanh, Mega market… very easy to find and buy. To find out more information about the product, please contact us for advice.

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