Recycle Depot – Application of technology to promote environmental protection activities of District 1 Team Council

In the afternoon of October 11, 2023, at the District 1 District Committee Hall, the District 1 Team Council held a conference to summarize the work of the District 1 Children’s Team and Movement for the 2022-2023 school year, and at the same time implement the plan for the 2023-2024 school year. With the message “Children of Ho Chi Minh City\ Do a thousand good deeds, step up to the delegation”, Alta Plastics brings the application of Recycle Depot technology, promoting environmental protection propaganda, and joining hands to build a green planet.

Conference to summarize the work of the team and the children’s movement in District 1 in the school year 2022 – 2023

Within the framework of the final program, the Team Council evaluated and recognized outstanding results in learning, culture, and social activities of union members and team members in the school year 2022 – 2023 in detail. In addition, the conference also introduced excellent models and solutions, innovative ideas that the Teams in District 1 have successfully developed. These models not only help create a better educational environment but also stimulate the spirit of learning and build morale for team members. Most especially, Alta Plastics has brought a unique technology solution, supporting the council’s environmental protection advocacy activities.

Throughout the program, leaders and delegates had useful sharing and contributions to the operation of the District 1 Team Council. Speaking at the conference, Comrade Bui Quang Minh – Deputy Secretary of District 1 – introduced models, solutions, and practical applications in environmental protection propaganda to members in various forms. Prominent among them is Recycle Depot – an automatic recycling collector from Alta Plastics.

Recycle Depot Machine at the Conference to summarize the work of District 1 Children’s Team and Movement in the school year 2022 – 2023

Developed by Alta Plastics and Alta Software, the Recycle Depot is a smart device capable of automatically identifying and collecting used plastic bottles or aluminum cans. The operation process of the Recycle Depot machine is very simple: users only need to place empty products into the recycling gate, then the device automatically recognizes and processes them. After going through the crushing and pressing steps, the waste product is transferred to recycling facilities to continue the conversion process into new products.

The unique feature of Recycle Depot lies in its automatic features and high utility. The automation in the collection and processing of plastic bottles and aluminum cans not only brings convenience to users but also reduces the burden on the recycling process, helping to optimize operational efficiency.

The Recycle Depot system is an ideal solution for areas that are strongly promoting recycling campaigns, as well as in public places: supermarkets, schools and businesses. Its popularity demonstrates how attractive it is to the community, thereby creating a chain of positive impacts on the environment.

Coming to the conference, Alta Plastics is proud to introduce the Recycle Depot machine – a device combining technology and “green” living spirit – to a wide range of union members and members of District 1. The conference provided a platform to share successes and experiences among the units, creating a strong solidarity in promoting environmental awareness and recycling.

Representative of Alta Plastics – Mr. Hoang Minh Anh Tai introduced the Recycle Depot machine to the Team Council

After the conference ended, the Recycle Depot machine attracted much interest from District 1 Team Council members because of its unique invention. Taking this opportunity, Alta Plastics representatives also shared more about the function and how it works, as well as affirmed the mission and values that Recycle Depot brings.

With the policy of applying information technology to operations in 2023, Alta Plastics is extremely proud to have brought an optimal solution to District 1 Team Council. Thereby, Alta Plastics is more confident that the spirit of “green” living will continue to develop and spread further, together building a “green, clean and beautiful” city for the future.