Environmentally friendly products

Currently, environmental pollution has reached a red alert level, significantly affecting our lives and health. Therefore, “green” products that can protect the environment are popular with many people and are gradually becoming a trend. Let’s take a look at Alta Plastic’s environmentally friendly products that can be applied to everyday life.

What is an environmentally friendly product?

Simply put, these are products that are produced and used in an environmentally responsible manner, without negatively impacting natural resources. Environmentally friendly products must meet certain requirements regarding the production process, ingredients, and quality to maximize environmental protection. To evaluate whether a product is environmentally friendly or not, it must meet one of the following 4 criteria:

• Manufactured from natural materials that do not contain toxic chemicals.
• Can be easily reused and recycled to reduce waste.
• The production process meets standards and does not negatively impact the natural environment.
• Safe for consumers’ health.

With these criteria, many businesses have launched environmentally friendly products that also meet consumer needs.

1. Replace plastic straws that are difficult to decompose

With its convenience and low price, plastic straws have become a familiar item, favored by food and beverage business owners. However, this product is made from a type of plastic that is difficult to decompose in the natural environment and cannot be reused many times.

Therefore, some businesses have launched environmentally friendly products to replace conventional plastic straws. The most prominent are paper straws, rice straws, or bamboo straws that do not affect human health and are friendly to the natural environment. In addition, sets of straws made from stainless steel and glass are also a popular solution that can be used many times and have a reasonable price.

2. Thermos bottles have become an “inseparable”

Like straws, cups made from plastic take from 400 to 1,000 years to completely decompose. Therefore, campaigns to encourage changing from plastic cups to using personal items are strongly promoted by many brands.

Replacing disposable plastic cups with thermos bottles and cups is also an effective solution to protect the environment. Because they contribute to reducing the amount of plastic waste in the environment, and are reusable, convenient in everyday life.

3. Go back to natural soap

The types of shower gel and shampoo that we use every day also have more or less negative effects on the environment. Because during the production process, chemicals are released that can potentially pollute the environment. In addition, medical experts say that commercial soaps often contain many chemicals. If used for a long time, they can damage the skin and cause many types of diseases.

Therefore, to protect health and the environment, many consumers tend to return to using soap products made from natural ingredients such as fruit, soap berry, turmeric powder, and coffee powder. , green tea powder, lavender, etc. Each type has its unique color and scent. Above all, it is benign for the skin and does not pollute the environment.

4. Bring “green” fashion into a trend

“Green” fashion, also known as sustainable fashion, is popular among designers. To protect the environment, many fashion brands have prioritized the use of naturally derived materials in production. The most typical are fabrics made from coffee fibers, orange peel fibers, bamboo fibers, or recycled polyester. Not only do they stop at spreading the spirit of environmental protection, but they are also a new source of inspiration motivating the fashion industry to create unique designs from materials to designs.

5. Prioritize the use of biodegradable bags

In daily activities, plastic bags are a popular type of bag used in most households. However, the main ingredient that creates this type of bag is PE plastic, which takes up to 3,000 years to decompose and is not safe for human health. For that reason, businesses have launched degradable bags. Biology is both friendly to the living environment and ensures the health of consumers.

In particular, biodegradable bags produced by Alta Plastic made from LDPE and HDPE materials only take a few years to decompose under appropriate catalytic conditions. Not only are they environmentally friendly, Alta Plastic’s products are durable, flexible, and have a variety of designs and sizes that can completely replace conventional plastic bags.

It can be said that environmentally friendly products are gradually becoming a trend that many people prioritize. Changing household items into “green” products is the first step in joining hands to protect our own living environment.