As a unit that advocates working for the environment, Alta Plastics tirelessly seeks sustainable solutions to contribute to building a “green” ecosystem. On December 1st, Alta Plastics participated in the MM Mega Market Supplier Conference 2023, once again affirming the values of dedication over the past period.

Alta Plastics at the MM Mega Market Supplier Conference 2023

Sustainable development is one of the most important elements in creating a “green, clean, and beautiful” future, holding significant meaning for human life and health. Understanding that, Alta Plastics consistently explores and innovates sustainable solutions, cooperating with various entities to bring added value. Through their collaboration in the Regeneration Station project, Alta Plastics received an invitation to participate in the MM Mega Market Supplier Conference 2023.

The conference was organized by MM Mega Market under the theme ‘Sharing, Building, and Developing” with the aim of providing opportunities to exchange, expand and promote strategic cooperation. At the event, 200 suppliers and 500 distinguished guests had the opportunity to discuss, share and propose practical solutions for the community and the environment.

Alta Plastics received the Leading Sustainability Award

Within the conference framework, Alta Plastics was honored to be one of the 11 recognized and honored at the MM Mega Market 2023 under the category of Leading Sustainability. This award serves as affirmation for Alta Plastics’ contributions throughout the years.

Previously, Alta Plastics and MM Mega Market collaborated on the Regeneration Station project,  together towards sustainable development. The project aimed to minimize waste, and reduce the burden on the environment with an automated plastic bottle collection system.

Integrated with modern technology, the Regeneration Station can automatically identify and collect used plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Thanks to beneficial features, the device optimizes the waste collection and processing process, saving time and effort.

At the same time, using the Regeneration Station for recycling activities also limits the amount of plastic waste buried in the soil environment, contributing to ecological preservation. Hence, it is considered a sustainable solution for the environment, addressing the current alarming issue of plastic pollution.

Alta Plastics and MM Mega Market collaboration in the Recycling Station project

The Regeneration Station project of  MM Mega Market and Alta Plastics has been implemented and operational in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Besides, at the GRECO 2023 event, the Regeneration Station also attracted a lot of attention due to its useful and environmentally sustainable features.

The success of the Regeneration Station project has tightened the cooperative relationship between Alta Plastics and Mega Market, jointly constructing an ideal sustainable development. The Leading Sustainability Award at the MM Mega Market Supplier Conference 2023 provides additional motivation for Alta Plastics, to maintain the spirit of spreading “green” living to the community.

With over 20 years of establishment and development, Alta Plastics is a pioneering entity in the production of environmentally friendly bioplastics. The biodegradable packaging system from Alta Plastics can decompose in natural environments, ensuring consumer safety and offering diversity in design, color, and size.

To date, the company has solidified its position in the plastic packaging market, recognized as one of the most reputable providers of biodegradable products in Vietnam. In the future, Alta Plastics will continue to uphold its mission, consistently contributing values to the environment.