Alta Plastics welcomes District 10 Women’s Union to visit the factory, aiming for a sustainable lifestyle

On September 15, Alta Plastics was pleased to welcome the Women’s Union of District 10 to visit the factory to better understand the production process of environmentally friendly products. Through this opportunity, let’s join hands to protect the environment and spread a “green” lifestyle to the community.

District 10 Women’s Union visited Alta Plastics factory

As one of the pioneers in the field of providing bioplastic packaging in Vietnam, Alta Plastics always brings environmentally friendly products, ensuring consumer health and safety. With many years of operation and development, Alta Plastics has built a strong position in the field of bioplastic packaging, becoming a business trusted by many people.

Therefore, the District 10 Women’s Union specially visited the Alta Plastics factory to better understand the eco-friendly products as well as the benefits they bring. On September 15, Mr. Tuan – representative of Alta Plastics – was honored to welcome the Chairwoman of District 10 Women’s Association – Ms. Le Thi Thu Hong, Chairman of District 10 Fair Association – Ms. Gong and the Management Board of District 10 Fair Association – Ms. Bich.

During the meeting, the Women’s Union of District 10 was introduced to the Alta Plastics office and the place where environmentally friendly bioplastic packaging is produced. As a business that always encorages spreading the spirit of “green” living, Alta Plastics is extremely proud of its standard bioplastic packaging production process, which constantly ensures environmental friendliness and health safety for customers.

During the visit, The Women’s Union was introduced to the environmentally friendly bioplastic packaging system at the visit

Thanks to the use of advanced scientific-technical techniques in the production process, Alta Plastics products disintegrate in the natural environment in less time than typical plastic packaging. Additionally, the patterns, colors, and sizes of Alta Plastics goods are varied, giving customers a wide range of options.

Most extraordinary, the Women’s Union of District 10 was able to observe the manufacturing and assembly process of Recycle Depot machines. This is a technological device that can automatically recognize and collect used plastic bottles, and empty aluminum cans. Thanks to its outstanding features, Recycle Depot helps optimize the recycling process, resulting in environmental advantages.

During the recent visit, District 10 Women’s Union and Alta Plastics representatives had very open and useful conversations and sharing. From there, together we will open up many opportunities for cooperation in the future, towards a “green, clean, and beautiful” ecosystem.

Alta Plastics and Women’s Union of District 10 collaborate to promote “green” living

To mark the meaningful visit, Alta Plastics presented a product display shelf to the Women’s Union of District 10. Through this opportunity, the Women’s Union of District 10 and Alta Plastics cooperated to develop and bring “green” products come closer to people. From there, join hands to protect the environment, aiming to reduce emissions to zero.

After more than 20 years of establishment and development, Alta Plastics has built a solid position in the Vietnamese bioplastic packaging market, recognized by partners, customers, and departments. With a team of experienced experts, Alta Plastics is proud to make meaningful contributions to the environment and community.