Alta Plastic was Honored at the Media Program “Enterprises for the Cause of Construction and Green Economic Development in 2023”

On July 22, Alta Plastics was honored to attend the media program “Enterprises for the cause of building and developing a green economy in 2023”. The program is not only an opportunity to exchange and connect Alta Plastics with other businesses but also an affirmation of its environmental development goals.

Alta Plastic was honored at the Media Program “Enterprises for the Cause of Building and Developing A Green Economy in 2023”


The communication program “Enterprises for the cause of building and developing a green economy in 2023″ is carried out to respond and propagate the party’s guidelines and policies on environmental protection for businesses and societies. Broadcast on Vietnam Digital Television VTC, it can be seen that this is an important event in the journey towards the green economic goal of businesses. As one of the brands that always cares and puts environmental protection criteria first, Alta Plastics is pleased to participate in the program ” Enterprises for the Cause of Building and Protecting a Green Economy in 2023″ with delegates and other distinguished guests.

At the program, delegates shared very practical and useful information about the situation of building a green ecosystem in Vietnam. Currently, the process of implementing green growth goals still faces many difficulties and challenges. However, with contributions to the community, environmental degradation in Vietnam has decreased significantly, gradually completing the goals set by the party.

In particular, enterprises are one of the most important subjects of the cause of green economic construction and development. Through the use of environmentally friendly materials, and applying a circular production and business model, businesses have contributed to reducing carbon waste, limiting negative impacts on the ecosystem.

Understanding that, throughout its operations, Alta Plastics always advocates the principle of action for the environment, conservation of natural resources, and consumer health safety. The business has launched biodegradable bags made from LDPE and HDPE materials that can completely decompose in the natural environment. Thereby contributing to reducing the amount of plastic waste in daily activities in the environment. Not only that, Alta Plastic invests in a production system, using organic materials that are completely environmentally friendly.

Alta Plastic is recognized as an environmentally friendly brand

Therefore, Alta Plastics was honored to receive certificates and awards at the communication program “Enterprises for the Cause of Green Economy Construction and Development in 2023”. Following the efforts, Alta Plastics has achieved the 2023 Eco-Friendly Brand certification. This is a proud achievement for the entire team of Alta Plastics in the journey of dedication to the green environment.

Alta Plastic received the 2023 Business Award for Green Economic Development

At the same time, Alta Plastic also received the Enterprise Award for Green Economic Development in 2023. This is an affirmation of the determination and goals that the company has set. Throughout its years of operation, the business has always put the environment and customers at the heart of all its business activities. And today, all those efforts have been recognized and rewarded.

Representative of Alta Plastic received the award at the communication program “Enterprises for the cause of building and developing a green economy in 2023”.

Now, Alta Plastic has a certain position in the plastic packaging market, considered one of the most reputable suppliers of bioplastic products in Vietnam. Not only does it meet the requirements of an environmentally friendly product, but Alta Plastic’s biobased plastic bags come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes suitable for many different purposes.

After more than 20 years of formation and development, Alta Plastic has built a solid position, aiming to become a leading manufacturer for the Asian, European, and North American markets. With the honor of the Media Program “Enterprises for the cause of building and developing a green economy in 2023”, this will be a source of motivation for Alta Plastics to continue to build and develop on the green growth journey and protect our environment.

Alta Plastic is a business specializing in providing environmentally friendly biobased plastic packaging products. With a team of experienced experts and advanced scientific and technological techniques, Alta Plastic can meet all customers’ highest requirements while still ensuring environmental friendliness.

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