He thong nang luong mat troi toan canh

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Faced with the problem of climate change and a serious energy crisis, renewable energy technology is becoming a common trend in Vietnam and the world. Solar energy is a clean, green, and almost limitless source of energy. Alta Plastics invests in solar power systems and becomes a leading enterprise in applying renewable energy to biodegradable plastic packaging production lines.

Solar energy – the beginning of green energy

Vietnam is facing the risk of energy insecurity as demand increases rapidly and traditional supplies are gradually depleted at a rapid pace. Besides, the production and use of fossil fuels create negative impacts on health, the environment, and society. Solar energy is an endless source of energy, an energy solution without worrying about running out of resources or negatively affecting the living environment
He thong nang luong mat troi ap mai Alta

Alta Plastics greening production

Aware that the benefits of the business are always linked to the benefits of the community, Alta Plastics has been doing its best for a stable, developed business environment and bringing the best values to the community, protecting and protecting the living environment. It can be seen that the green consumption trend is growing rapidly in the world and Vietnam is no exception to that trend. We have made efforts to invest in production to produce products that ensure “green” and “clean” elements, building a green brand associated with sustainable development. Following the production of green products, we continue to invest in clean energy sources.
In December 2020, Alta Plastics marked a new beginning of green energy with an investment strategy in a 920kWp solar power system. Solar panels are installed to cover the entire factory roof area with a total area of ​​>10,000 m2. The system is invested on the basis of suitable climate characteristics in the city. Ho Chi Minh City and strict requirements on factory roof system structure.
He thong nang luong mat troi toan canh
Solar energy is a clean, environmentally friendly, renewable energy source. The operating principle of the solar power system is based on the photovoltaic effect in physics, electricity is generated from converting sunlight into electricity through solar panels. This is a great solution because it becomes a power station based on renewable energy, both providing electricity for production activities and being environmentally friendly.
The project comes into operation to provide power for the company’s biodegradable plastic packaging production activities. Any unused solar power will automatically be transferred to the national grid. Covered solar panels on the roof are also an effective heat protection solution, reducing the temperature of the factory area. When put into use, the solar energy system will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, reducing production costs, and reducing the load on the region’s power grid.