On the afternoon of October 6, 2023, the Vietnam Plastics Association (VSPA) organized the program “Summary of the first 9 months of the Year and activity plan for the last 3 months of the Year”. Also at this event, Alta Plastics officially marked the name on the list of members of the Vietnam Plastic Association, sailing together to build a sustainable green environment.

Alta Plastics participates in the program “Summary of the first 9 months of the year and operational plan for the last 3 months of the year”

The Vietnam Plastic Association is a place that connects businesses and government agencies in business and production activities in the plastic field in Vietnam. As a veteran enterprise in the plastic packaging manufacturing industry, Alta Plastics is pleased to become a member of the Vietnam Plastic Association, joining hands to contribute to the sustainable development plan.

In the preliminary program, the Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Plastics Association – Chung Tan Cuong shared about challenges and successes in recent times. In addition, businesses also have the opportunity to introduce solutions to support operations in the plastics sector as well as achieve environmental protection goals.

Alta Plastics representative  received flowers and certificates, officially joining the Ho Chi Minh City Plastics Association

Within the framework of the event, the Vietnam Plastics Association has advocated implementing a ceremony to admit members to accompany them on the journey of green construction and sustainable development. With continuous dedication and efforts, Alta Plastics today officially became a member of the Vietnam Plastics Association. Director of Alta Plastics – Mr. Hoang Minh Anh Tu went on stage to receive the membership certificate of the Ho Chi Minh City Plastics Association, pledging to continue to bring the most optimal products, services, and solutions. for the environment and community.

Alta Plastics representative  shared about the Recycle Depot machine

In particular, on this memorable milestone, Alta Plastics awarded the Vietnam Plastics Association two Recycle Depot machines. This is a device integrated with smart technology, capable of automatically identifying and collecting used plastic bottles and empty aluminum cans. Through superior features, Alta Plastics’ Recycle Depot can reduce the amount of plastic waste dumped into the environment, cut down on landfill space, as well as support the traditional recycling process.

Therefore, this is considered a green invention, contributing to environmental protection and building a “green, clean, and beautiful” ecosystem. At the same time, Deputy Director of Alta Plastics – Mr. Hoang Minh Anh Tai also shared that he hopes that this Recycle Depot equipment can contribute to helping the community classify waste right at the source, joining hands to protect the environment.

Recycle Depot has the ability to optimize the recycling process

At the same time, he also said that Recycle Depot is a completely Vietnamese invention from idea, design, hardware and software setup. From there, we can spread green and clean values ​​in accordance with the 3R criteria – Reuse, Recycle and Reduce. Through Recycle Depot technology products, the community can raise recycling awareness, change attitudes about the plastic industry, and prioritize environmentally friendly products.

With useful features and an eye-catching appearance, Recycle Depot became an attraction in the program, attracting the attention of delegates and guests. In addition, the Vietnam Plastic Association also shared a recycling machine system that will be operated on public roads, calling on people to take action in recycling.