At the exhibition “Exhibition space for green growth products and services,” Alta Plastics brought visitors experience and research knowledge from biodegradable products. With the theme “Green Growth – Journey towards zero emissions”, Alta Plastics brings to the Green Growth Show 2023 exhibition, two products made from biodegradable materials: multi-purpose tablecloths and garbage bags biology.

Multi-purpose tablecloth

Multi-purpose tablecloths are becoming the top choice of many consumers thanks to their versatility and environmental safety. Manufactured from BIO beads, recycled BIO beads, and biological additives… completely natural and environmentally friendly ingredients.

BIO seeds used to produce biodegradable multi-purpose tablecloths are a type of biological material produced from crops such as corn, potatoes, radishes, and corn. BIO recycled beads are a type of recycled beads produced from other biological products such as straw, grass, and other plants. Both types of beads are biodegradable and do not harm the environment.

Biological additives are used to increase product flexibility and durability. This additive is produced from environmentally friendly materials such as starch, cellulose, and sugars.

Biodegradable garbage bag

Bio-waste bags are an advanced and environmentally friendly solution to minimize the negative impact of waste on the environment. The composition of bio-garbage bags is made up of BIO particles, BIO Recycle particles, and biological additives, all of which are environmentally friendly ingredients and decompose in nature.

Bio-waste bags offer numerous advantages for the environment. Firstly, they aid in reducing the quantity of waste discarded on the ground, thereby safeguarding soil and water resources. Secondly, the utilization of bio-waste bags assists in minimizing the volume of waste in landfills, thereby mitigating the adverse environmental effects of waste. Lastly, bio-garbage bags serve as an environmentally conscious solution, promoting human health and enabling sustainable societal progress.

However, it should also be noted that bio-waste bags need to be used properly to ensure effectiveness and environmental safety. The use of bio-waste bags needs to be combined with waste classification and recycling to maximize efficiency.

In addition, Alta Plastics’ biodegradable bags are also designed with high flexibility and diversity in size and design. Customers can choose from small bags for storing food or large bags for storing clothes and personal belongings. Not only that, but Alta Plastics also offers customized services to meet each customer’s unique needs.

Alta Plastics’ biodegradable products meet aesthetic and quality requirements and are a smart choice for those who care about environmental protection. Using this biodegradable bag helps reduce environmental pollution and contributes to building a sustainable clean green future. The use of biodegradable products has attracted the attention of many businesses and individuals.

The Green Growth Show 2023 was an opportunity for Alta Plastics to introduce its biodegradable products to interested customers and businesses. With interest and support from the community, Alta Plastics hopes that the use of biodegradable bags will become a popular trend shortly.